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Hello, magnificent people of DA! Well, it’s that time of year to look back on some awesome and godawful things I’ve put on this page.

In other words, it’s my three-year anniversary on deviantART!

To this day I have no clue why I started this the day before freaking Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, so maybe I had more courage? I don’t know. Anyway, I decided to look back at some of my old deviations and their descriptions, and react to them.

Enjoy my inevitable pain.

Okay, naturally I have to start with my first deviation: 

…Yeah, I took an old digital drawing of mine, made the whole thing purple (I recall it being maroon), put some words in…what font is that?…and for some reason thought it would be a good first impression.
My god, did I even TRY with the hand!? I was going through a period when I gave up on hands and usually just drew people’s arms behind them. Oh. God. And what is that description?

Thanks, deviantART for making me part of the family! Yes, I'm new. I joined the exciting world of deviantART! I'm happy to be here, Mora's happy to be here (my OC, you'll probably see pictures soon) and I'm just ready to have some FUN!BTW, this is like, a 5 minute job. I'm usually better than this.

What in the actual—
Okay, wow. I sound like a ten-year-old trying to sound like a…I guess I’d think what’s how a seventeen-year-old speaks. And I’m just like, “Oh, yeah, and I already have a FREAKING OC. Just so you know.” I thought everyone on DA had this “thing” called an OC that was a staple of the community or something. Thought it would help me fit in.
My god, 2012 Maia. My god.

I’m proud of this story, but also so, so, so horrified. I’m just saying this now: I’m in the process of revamping LOE and submitting that to DA as well, since is…well…almost as insane as deviantART.
I really just meant for this to be seven to ten chapters at most. I never expected myself to get so into the plot and rewriting the beloved Story of Evil. I meant for this to be a quick OTP fanfic. I think Love of Evil actually made me realize just how much I love writing stories.
But still, those dang kissing scenes. I’m gonna cry.

Wow. Just wow. I really hope neither of them ever see this. I wouldn’t call Amanda and Kat my idols anymore, but I still do appreciate them. For something done in Paint, I’d say I did a pretty good job.

I added "kid" because I have a sneaking feeling I'm younge[r] than both of them. Amanda mentioned her age once, and...I'm not even in college yet.

Of course, the biggest thing you can learn from this deviation is how insecure about my age I felt.

Ah, simpler times. When I could use a base for my icon and not feel too guilty about it. I just loved, heck, still love, drawing Mora in a happy setting, and a yellow background was the best I could manage digitally at the time.

I actually made this long before I had a deviantART account. I had this weird addiction to bases, and when I made this my avatar, I forgot it was made by a base. Ack.

So yes, I lied when I said I “forgot” that this was made with a base. Sweetie, you couldn’t remember to draw eyebrows yet, much less shade the dang thing.

Whoooooaah. I remember making these all the time! These wallpapers were just a way to pass the time when I was bored, and I still have a whole freaking folder dedicated to these things. I remember how the saving function didn’t always work, and before I decided to just make an account, I used to take a screenshot instead, cutting off the edges most of the time.
I just might go back to myoats and have some fun.

This just resonates with me, even to this day. Mora was once the perfect girl, made to be everything I wasn’t and thought I could never be. I don’t know when exactly she gained her own personality, but I still go back to this deviation often.
Crappy attempt at drawing hands aside, I’ve always been known for adding expression to faces, and nowadays I imagine that Mora’s upset because I can’t accept even the possibility that I could be a bit more like her, who I dubbed the perfect girl. I think that’s why I needed to write this in the first place. To convince myself in writing that maybe one day I would “become Mora.”

Mairead! Wow, it’s Mairead. I actually ran into her last year; it was nice. 
Like I occasionally mention, I make OCs based off of people to immortalize their good qualities. In Scu’s case, Mairead’s humility, smarts, and kindness. And love of water, of course. This definitely led to revealing all the other OCs I have.
I have yet to draw Lily. I should really draw Lily.
And what in the—I just realized I look like a bobblehead.

I should redraw this. Hair doesn’t flow like that, and you knew that at the time, Maia. Gosh.
For some reason I take great pride in getting my first hate-troll on this deviation. No clue why; I guess I realized I was noticed. “This sucks, go kill yourself (hahaha I have terrible grammar)” translated into “I could never do this, dang it.” I guess I learned the rules of the internet.

I wanted to add Canvas because just like the person she's based off of has an amazing voice so naturally, Canvas has a heavenly one.

HAHAHA...ha...she still has no clue that Canvas exists.

You know what? I love this. I love this with all my heart. My 38-deviation-"series" to my first year on DA might have been cliched and had some questionable designs, but I love this a lot. At the time, it included the best anatomy I'd ever done. 

All hail the poem that broke DA! Well, far from it, but this poem gained around 5,000 views in under a minute, which I had never seen before. I decided to play with the format and write about a topic I feel strongly about and…this happened!
I had some line in the description about how it took one woman (Eve) to turn the world over, and now it was our job to turn it back around, which caused several wonderful comments that didn't regard my poem in the slightest. I ended up deleting it so people would pay attention to what was important.

So, there you have it. I'm...cringing, yes, but not as much as I though I would, especially once I got into newer deviations. It's, knowing I've improved. 

Thanks so much, guys, for encouraging me to continue submitting to deviantART (I don't care that the logo's changed; it will forever be spelled deviantART) and criticism and compliments. It really means a lot to me.

Happy almost-Halloween, guys. I'll be submitting something...rather interesting for my still-favorite holiday.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm pretty much a quiet girl with an uncontrollable love for YouTube, Vocaloid, anime, and manga. I'm also addicted to drawing and writing. Throughout my life art has always been with me and has been my passion. Though I'm no professional and I'm still learning, I love it.

I'm always ready for art requests! Just...nothing that would have to be put under nudity and/or sexual scenes.


232 deviations

It worried Maia that this was the second time in three days that she slapped someone, though the first person was Cameron, it was on the hand, and he had just touched her afro without consent. Plus, Cameron’s real.

The second person wasn’t as real, her hand connected with his face, and he had just pinched her rear.

“I swear to God I will freaking kill you,” Maia said to Electric, who didn’t look the slightest bit phased from the slap.

He smirked. “What? It was too big a target to ignore.”

He was so lucky that that statement was a compliment nowadays.

“For crying out loud, I’m just cutting to the chase with you. Birthday—”

“—Present, you pervert. Just get on…” She paled. “…the…” Electric’s smirk became wider. “…couch…” Electric opened his mouth, and Maia snapped her fingers before pointing at him. “Don’t say ‘kinky,’ don’t say ‘sex,’ don’t. You. Dare.”

Electric shrugged, then chuckled a bit before complying. “If you insist.” Pushing up her glasses, Maia glared at Electric, expecting him to say something else.

“…Okay. I’ll just start now.” Maia put her hands above Electric, glancing at his face. His eyes were closed.

“Electric…excitement…outbursts…you have always provoked them. But…one thing you rarely encounter is peace. See what peace is like, Electric. See what peace was like. See what everything…was like…”

The blond male fell. He didn’t know how or why, but he was falling. He almost panicked, he even tried to use his powers, but he couldn’t feel the regular rush of energy that went through him. He didn’t feel any part of his body. Even when he finally stopped, he didn’t feel any impact.

He almost didn’t open his eyes, but he knew that he had to. He opened them to see he was inside a familiar building with familiar faces. A familiar feeling.

And the distressed blond not even trying to conceal his birthmark in the shape of a lightning bolt was the most familiar thing of all.


“Lighten up, will ya?” a redhead said, looking across the table at his cousin—wait, no. That wasn’t true anymore. They were back to being friends, no family ties at all if anyone asked. After all this time, he kept on forgetting that.

The blond-his friend—his friend—kept his gaze down. He didn’t try to look happy, not even for his ex-cousin’s sake. To hi, there wasn’t much to be happy about anymore. Heck, today made it even worse.

“Electric!” His name was said sharply, something that the taller male never did. Electric’s golden, cat-like eyes moved a bit, only high enough to see the other boy’s chest.

“What. IS it, Star?” he practically growled in response, surprising Red Star. Electric, despite being depressed for the longest time, always tried to hide it behind a goofy grin when not a mischievous smirk while flirting with every woman he saw.

Frowning, Star instinctively reached for Electric’s hand like he had ever since they were little. Unlike most teenage boys, Electric openly admitted—to Star at least—that he needed to touch someone. Hold their hand, hug them, any contact to make himself calm down. But this time, Electric slapped the hand away, moving his eyes back down. Star frowned. He had never done that before. Even when they were younger, Electric would always cling to Star; it was so common that everyone, teachers and students alike, questioned the sexuality of the two newcomers to their nice southern city.

But neither of them liked to think about that. Even the word “gay” made them think about their last argument, about Aaron. That had finally ended, only for them to deal with the very hate that Electric shouted at Star about. The otherness, the discrimination, when someone exposed them with a single video.

They were monsters.

Not really, of course, but everyone thought that. People saw Electric and Star use their powers. They saw what they could do.

So they ran away.

It had been about half a year since they became runaways. They had stayed where they were for a while now, maybe a month or so. All due to one restaurant.

A diner, really. Your typical family diner. Electric and Star had been hanging around it, sitting just outside. Electric had suffered a cold, so Star had made him sit down. To make things worse, there was a lot of wind, and it made the day horribly cold. Then Samuel, one of the waiters, spotted them and after talking for a few minutes, offered to get Electric out of the cold. The staff there had since practically adopted them, making sure the sick, homeless kid didn’t get any worse, and calming the other one down and getting them fed.

They had asked questions, of course, so they told an elaborate lie about being brothers running away from their abusive foster parents. Yes, they had been in the system. Yes, it made things worse. Yes, they had reached to the police. No, they weren’t any help. They felt guilty about taking advantage of the staff’s human need to be the good guy, making such a large sob story that they couldn’t take them to a police station or orphanage without questioning whether it was the right thing to do.

They practically lived at the diner, much like the manager joked about, though Star and Electric didn’t know if he was aware of his employees being the ones to foot their bill every time.

“C’mon, don’t do this today. You deserve today,” Star protested. Electric rolled his eyes.

“Why not?” he finally responded, though softly. “First year I’m spending my birthday alone.”

“Gee, thanks, cou—” Star cut himself off, almost forgetting again.

Electric glared at him. “You know what I mean. First year without Ma, without Auntie Alex, without Aaron. We’re two freaks; we needed to stick together. They didn’t have to.” His voice lowered almost to a whisper. “They never had to.”

Star’s eyebrows twitched. “Believe it not, neither did I. I didn’t have to stick around with some other kid. But I did.” He leaned forward, lowering his voice so no one else could hear. “We were cousins, not brothers, so if I wanted to avoid you, I could. Easily. But I didn’t.” He pointed at the tan male’s forehead. “I’ll tell you what you always tell me: Get this through your thick skull. Everyone there loved you, and blood or not, you’re freaking family to me. You might irritate some girls, but you’re a people-magnet.” Electric didn’t react, so the redhead continued. “We are not  freaks. We’re not normal, but we’re no more freaky than that duck…beaver..thing.”

Snorting, the teenager with the lightning bolt birthmark said, “You mean the platypus?”

Star clapped his hands together, making everyone else in the diner turn to him just in time for him to shout, “YES! The platypus!” Electric couldn’t resist chuckling at his friend’s shouting.

“You’re…you’re so weird, Star,” he said as his chuckling turned into laughter. Something about the comparison to platypuses and the surprise of everyone around them was just..FUNNY!

Star waited for Electric to stop laughing and for the other people in the diner to stop staring. His eyes moved to Claudia: one of the waitress’s and the only one that Electric didn’t constantly harass. It wasn’t that she wasn’t pretty, she was actually rather beautiful, but she was so innocent that the blond felt guilty about teasing her. When Claudia locked eyes with Star, he nodded, and she grinned and turned, whispering to Samuel. He in turn flashed a shining grin and the two vanished into the kitchen.

“You feeling better?” Star asked.

Electric nodded. “Yeah, a little. I definitely feel better than before.”

“Good. Foooooooooor…”

Electric questioned why Star had done yet another random thing, but then he heard voices from behind him.

“…He’s a jolly good fellow

for he’s a jolly good fellow…”

Electric burst out laughing. He had mentioned more than once that he had some strange hatred of the Happy Birthday song, so naturally they would go for that song.

By the final “Which nobody can deny!” the cake had been brought out and set down. Everyone started clapping while Electric stared at the cake. It, of course, had a yellow lightning bolt across it with the rest of the frosting white in color. The candles were used as an outline of sorts for the bolt, making it look like it was glowing, much like Electric’s could do. The cake was also enormous. He finally looked at the staff, then Star, then the staff, then Star again.

“You PLANNED this!” he exclaimed, seeing Red Star’s failed attempt to hide his amusement. “You freaking planned this!”

Star put his hand to his chest. “Whaaaaat? Lil’ ol’ me? I—no, I can’t do this.” Star laughed. “Yeah, I planned this. So did all of them.” He pointed to the waiters and waitresses. “I told them your birthday was coming up…”

“…and we wanted to do something for you!” Claudia added, beaming.

Electric just continued to stare before finally saying, “…You guys didn’t have to do this…”

“Like I said,” Star coughed out, though Electric barely caught it as he blew out the candles. He grinned as he lifted his head, his golden eyes brighter than before. “So,” Star said, “what did you wish for?”

Electric glanced at all the employees, then back at Star. “Well…” He then made eye contact with a young woman that had watched the whole affair, winked at her, and turned back when she blushed. Old habits die hard.

“It’s a secret.”


Electric woke up from the “dream,” but he didn’t open his eyes. Instead, he just said in a low tone: “Get over my low self-esteem.”

“What?” Maia looked up. She had been daydreaming.

“I said,” Electric shifted to look at the African American. “I wished to get over my low self esteem. It had always been…a problem. It got worse. Star and the others, once I got here, wondered if I had depression.” He sighed. “I don’t, but I just…I just wanted it gone, ya know?” Maia understood. Hadn’t she gone through something similar?

“I still have…issues, and I can’t just ‘get over it,’ I get that now, but…” Electric sat up. “…I feel like I have more control over it now. I don’t see me or the others as ‘freaks’ like I used to. Huh. Star was right.” He grinned. “It took a while, but I got it through my thick skull.”

Maia smiled. Electric had gotten far better about overcoming his low self esteem in the past few years. She wondered, sometimes, if it was the OC reflection of her own accomplishments.

Well, it was in the past. It didn’t matter now. Not to her, and certainly not to him.

“I smell cake. Really good cake,” Electric suddenly said. Maia smiled. “Scu and Mora put their heads together to make cake. At least, that’s what Mora told me.” She waved her hand. “Go. Have fun. I have things to do in the morning.”

Electric nodded for the final time that day. He walked towards the hallway, next to where Maia stood. Suddenly, Maia felt what felt like both a quick zap and a hand wrap around one breast before it promptly let go and Electric ran down the hall laughing.

Maia shook her head, smiling but feeling somewhat violent all of a sudden. “That friggin’ perv.”
Electric's Third Birthday
*huffhuff* I got here on time!

...It's been a stress-filled, interrupting week. But still, I think this is one my my favorite "flashbacks" so far. I admit: Star and Electric's backstory isn't written down so much as it is a whole bunch of notes going through their lives, because for most of it I can't find a way to actually write in in a novella-based format. So I found the notes and wrote up a short story.

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