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Hello, magnificent people of DA! Well, it’s that time of year to look back on some awesome and godawful things I’ve put on this page.

In other words, it’s my three-year anniversary on deviantART!

To this day I have no clue why I started this the day before freaking Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, so maybe I had more courage? I don’t know. Anyway, I decided to look back at some of my old deviations and their descriptions, and react to them.

Enjoy my inevitable pain.

Okay, naturally I have to start with my first deviation: 

…Yeah, I took an old digital drawing of mine, made the whole thing purple (I recall it being maroon), put some words in…what font is that?…and for some reason thought it would be a good first impression.
My god, did I even TRY with the hand!? I was going through a period when I gave up on hands and usually just drew people’s arms behind them. Oh. God. And what is that description?

Thanks, deviantART for making me part of the family! Yes, I'm new. I joined the exciting world of deviantART! I'm happy to be here, Mora's happy to be here (my OC, you'll probably see pictures soon) and I'm just ready to have some FUN!BTW, this is like, a 5 minute job. I'm usually better than this.

What in the actual—
Okay, wow. I sound like a ten-year-old trying to sound like a…I guess I’d think what’s how a seventeen-year-old speaks. And I’m just like, “Oh, yeah, and I already have a FREAKING OC. Just so you know.” I thought everyone on DA had this “thing” called an OC that was a staple of the community or something. Thought it would help me fit in.
My god, 2012 Maia. My god.

I’m proud of this story, but also so, so, so horrified. I’m just saying this now: I’m in the process of revamping LOE and submitting that to DA as well, since is…well…almost as insane as deviantART.
I really just meant for this to be seven to ten chapters at most. I never expected myself to get so into the plot and rewriting the beloved Story of Evil. I meant for this to be a quick OTP fanfic. I think Love of Evil actually made me realize just how much I love writing stories.
But still, those dang kissing scenes. I’m gonna cry.

Wow. Just wow. I really hope neither of them ever see this. I wouldn’t call Amanda and Kat my idols anymore, but I still do appreciate them. For something done in Paint, I’d say I did a pretty good job.

I added "kid" because I have a sneaking feeling I'm younge[r] than both of them. Amanda mentioned her age once, and...I'm not even in college yet.

Of course, the biggest thing you can learn from this deviation is how insecure about my age I felt.

Ah, simpler times. When I could use a base for my icon and not feel too guilty about it. I just loved, heck, still love, drawing Mora in a happy setting, and a yellow background was the best I could manage digitally at the time.

I actually made this long before I had a deviantART account. I had this weird addiction to bases, and when I made this my avatar, I forgot it was made by a base. Ack.

So yes, I lied when I said I “forgot” that this was made with a base. Sweetie, you couldn’t remember to draw eyebrows yet, much less shade the dang thing.

Whoooooaah. I remember making these all the time! These wallpapers were just a way to pass the time when I was bored, and I still have a whole freaking folder dedicated to these things. I remember how the saving function didn’t always work, and before I decided to just make an account, I used to take a screenshot instead, cutting off the edges most of the time.
I just might go back to myoats and have some fun.

This just resonates with me, even to this day. Mora was once the perfect girl, made to be everything I wasn’t and thought I could never be. I don’t know when exactly she gained her own personality, but I still go back to this deviation often.
Crappy attempt at drawing hands aside, I’ve always been known for adding expression to faces, and nowadays I imagine that Mora’s upset because I can’t accept even the possibility that I could be a bit more like her, who I dubbed the perfect girl. I think that’s why I needed to write this in the first place. To convince myself in writing that maybe one day I would “become Mora.”

Mairead! Wow, it’s Mairead. I actually ran into her last year; it was nice. 
Like I occasionally mention, I make OCs based off of people to immortalize their good qualities. In Scu’s case, Mairead’s humility, smarts, and kindness. And love of water, of course. This definitely led to revealing all the other OCs I have.
I have yet to draw Lily. I should really draw Lily.
And what in the—I just realized I look like a bobblehead.

I should redraw this. Hair doesn’t flow like that, and you knew that at the time, Maia. Gosh.
For some reason I take great pride in getting my first hate-troll on this deviation. No clue why; I guess I realized I was noticed. “This sucks, go kill yourself (hahaha I have terrible grammar)” translated into “I could never do this, dang it.” I guess I learned the rules of the internet.

I wanted to add Canvas because just like the person she's based off of has an amazing voice so naturally, Canvas has a heavenly one.

HAHAHA...ha...she still has no clue that Canvas exists.

You know what? I love this. I love this with all my heart. My 38-deviation-"series" to my first year on DA might have been cliched and had some questionable designs, but I love this a lot. At the time, it included the best anatomy I'd ever done. 

All hail the poem that broke DA! Well, far from it, but this poem gained around 5,000 views in under a minute, which I had never seen before. I decided to play with the format and write about a topic I feel strongly about and…this happened!
I had some line in the description about how it took one woman (Eve) to turn the world over, and now it was our job to turn it back around, which caused several wonderful comments that didn't regard my poem in the slightest. I ended up deleting it so people would pay attention to what was important.

So, there you have it. I'm...cringing, yes, but not as much as I though I would, especially once I got into newer deviations. It's, knowing I've improved. 

Thanks so much, guys, for encouraging me to continue submitting to deviantART (I don't care that the logo's changed; it will forever be spelled deviantART) and criticism and compliments. It really means a lot to me.

Happy almost-Halloween, guys. I'll be submitting something...rather interesting for my still-favorite holiday.

  • Listening to: Kamelot (several albums) and Vocalic
  • Reading: Small Favor(Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher
  • Watching: Halloween-based anime (ALL the scary stuff)
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: lots of junk food
  • Drinking: Seriously, it's Halloween.


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I'm pretty much a quiet girl with an uncontrollable love for YouTube, Vocaloid, anime, and manga. I'm also addicted to drawing and writing. Throughout my life art has always been with me and has been my passion. Though I'm no professional and I'm still learning, I love it.

I'm always ready for art requests! Just...nothing that would have to be put under nudity and/or sexual scenes.


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