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File: Adulting by TheMagnificentMorado File: Adulting :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 3 0 Erinys by TheMagnificentMorado Erinys :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 6 1 Self Portrait Because Why Not by TheMagnificentMorado Self Portrait Because Why Not :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 8 7 PRIDE-Achieving Peace by TheMagnificentMorado PRIDE-Achieving Peace :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 11 2 To Defend Oneself... (Little Nightmares) by TheMagnificentMorado To Defend Oneself... (Little Nightmares) :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 11 1
The Bell's Toll
I wasn't quite sure how one sound could be so infuriating.
The bell had chimed before, twice a day when the clock struck twelve, however now the clock appeared to be mocking me as it welcomed a new day. I was never particularly fond of the bell's toll before, but now it was simply an insult. He—the man who I was expected to love but never could—turned to me and asked if I would leave with him, from this place.
Oh, if only I was not a lady; his voice was nearly as aggravating as that cursed bell. I politely declined, and he glanced at the rectangular shape of dirt, sighing as he always did.
His frail, almost skeletal hands found their way to his coat's pockets, and he turned to me, looking at me with disappointment as if I were some spoiled child. He always had to say the last word—“Then I suppose I shall see you tomorrow, you stained woman.”—before disappearing and finally leaving me at peace to watch over the plot where his body lay as the twelfth c
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 3 0
Support (for Jaiden Animations) by TheMagnificentMorado Support (for Jaiden Animations) :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 10 4
Whoops We're In Austria!
It might have not been a place where she felt like she belonged, but that was why Black liked it so much.
She found it difficult to keep her mouth shut and look anything but amazed. “Look like you've been in places like this a thousand times,” Wacky had told her. But how was she supposed to do that? She was in a freaking ballroom!
Black let her eyes wander while Wacky spoke to a flirty man in German. The short martial artist didn’t know any German herself (or any language outside of English, really) but she could tell from Wacky’s body language that she was genuinely enjoying the attention.
The ballroom was, as Wacky put it, “Your standard Austrian ballroom.” Its walls were painted a golden yellow, there were indentations in the walls to fit three large windows each, and overhead was a grand chandelier made out of crystals.
Black just barely heard Wacky say “Adriene,” and she turned to face the man with her. Adriene was the name Wacky cho
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 1 0
Wacky and Black-Whoops We're In Dresses! by TheMagnificentMorado Wacky and Black-Whoops We're In Dresses! :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 9 0 30,000 Pageviews-Thank You! by TheMagnificentMorado 30,000 Pageviews-Thank You! :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 5 1
A Closed Door
I close the door, entering silence.
With a sigh, I lean against the cool frame.
They can’t hear me. I can’t hear them.
I am all alone. My friends, my family,
the entire world is on the other side.
I feel my heart slow. I feel my muscles relax.
I am all alone, I repeat to myself.
I smile.
Just what I needed.
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 11 4
Anatomy Practice-Shirtless Male by TheMagnificentMorado Anatomy Practice-Shirtless Male :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 2 1 Valentine's Day-2017 by TheMagnificentMorado Valentine's Day-2017 :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 3 0
Electric's Rage
If you had only know Electric for less than a year, he wouldn’t strike you as an introvert.
To be fair, he was more than an intro-extrovert, but there was a reason that he and his friends were spending his birthday doing a movie marathon. Specifically: horror.
Unsurprisingly, it only took about an hour of the lovely horror classics for Mora to scream and Canvas to leave the room entirely until the first movie was over. They were both tough—two of the strongest people in the household, even—but they could be pretty stereotypical at times.
For once, Red Star wasn’t sitting next to Electric, instead leaning against the back of the couch so others could sit down. It wasn’t like the 6’1” giant couldn’t see over their heads, after all. Electric glanced over his shoulder to look at his face. Star wouldn’t admit it, but he could be jumpscared pretty easily. His face was practically white with tension. The killer was right behind the oblivio
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 0 0
Wind and her First Kill
Whisper wasn’t one for parties. She just…wasn’t. Every once in a while, she could enjoy them, but when you lived with twelve other people that were more enthusiastic about the idea of parties (even Double M, for crying out loud), you got burnt out quickly. It didn’t help that she was a rather quiet individual.
…Correction. She was a quiet individual when she wasn’t playing video games for screaming at some annoying character on a show.
If MM swore, he would have been cursing Wind out. He actually enjoyed playing as the healers, especially Mercy—who his friend had just killed—and Lúcio. So instead, he glared at her, then at Shade. “I thought you were going to defend me.”
“I SUCK at video games! You all know this!” Shades shouted, waving his control for emphasis. “You think you’re the only one dying!?”
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 0 0
Happy Chinese New Year! by TheMagnificentMorado Happy Chinese New Year! :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 9 3


Saitama -One Punch Man semi-realistic by Rosuke97 Saitama -One Punch Man semi-realistic :iconrosuke97:Rosuke97 59 0 Zutara Week 2017 Day 3: Steamy by FreedRose Zutara Week 2017 Day 3: Steamy :iconfreedrose:FreedRose 9 4 Mermaid Lagoon by ARiA-Illustration Mermaid Lagoon :iconaria-illustration:ARiA-Illustration 170 18 Akame from Akame Ga Kill! by Captain-Corn Akame from Akame Ga Kill! :iconcaptain-corn:Captain-Corn 28 1
One Race
Many colors,
Many cultures,
Many mind sets,
Many weaknesses,
Many strengths,
Many histories,
Many dreams,
Many beliefs,
We are many things
But one race
:iconrebel-of-argon:Rebel-of-Argon 14 4
Mermaid [update] by JiDu276 Mermaid [update] :iconjidu276:JiDu276 81 18 Beautiful King by HerrFenix1939 Beautiful King :iconherrfenix1939:HerrFenix1939 73 19 Gotta pass this buck by zarla Gotta pass this buck :iconzarla:zarla 2,618 347 By the sea by ColorfullyMonotone By the sea :iconcolorfullymonotone:ColorfullyMonotone 37 11 La Legione degli Artisti - Yokai - Ame-onna by Miss-Pannacotta La Legione degli Artisti - Yokai - Ame-onna :iconmiss-pannacotta:Miss-Pannacotta 203 25 a Colorful Sunset at the Beach by itzikgur a Colorful Sunset at the Beach :iconitzikgur:itzikgur 51 6 A2 by Versky A2 :iconversky:Versky 51 0 Other Side V.17.0 by jennaikikz Other Side V.17.0 :iconjennaikikz:jennaikikz 71 10 Wonder Woman by MrZainul Wonder Woman :iconmrzainul:MrZainul 12 2 Spirited Away by Mireielle Spirited Away :iconmireielle:Mireielle 191 9 Hermione by TsubakiExplosion Hermione :icontsubakiexplosion:TsubakiExplosion 51 25



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United States
I'm pretty much a quiet girl with an uncontrollable love for YouTube, music, anime, and comics. I'm also addicted to drawing and writing. Throughout my life art has always been with me and has been my passion. Though I'm no professional and I'm still learning, I love it.

I'm always ready for art requests! Just...nothing that would have to be put under nudity and/or sexual scenes.
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1. Say ten of your favorite characters from different fandoms
2. Tag ten people
1. Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files
2. Revy from Black Lagoon
3. Garnet from Steven Universe
4. Wonder Woman/Diana from DC Comics
5. America Chavez/Miss America from Marvel Comics
6. Ritsu from Assassination Classroom
7. Sans from Undertale
8. Cinderella/Cindy from Fables (comic)
9. Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye from Firefly
10. Kate Marsh from Life is Strange

Tagging(I'm not even trying am I)-
I've officially given up on finding people that won't murder me for tagging them.
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