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Stealth Mission (an OC story)
Asmat had been trying to clear her mind so she could focus on praying, but the other women’s cries…they were too much for her to bear.
She had really hoped that she would be able to pray today. In the situation she was in, prayer was the only thing she had left. If she were to let go of praying, of her faith, she knew that she might as well give up on her life.
She turned to the loudest source of crying, a girl of fourteen years named Brook, and awkwardly waved her arms in an attempt to get her attention.
“Hey. Hey.” Brook hiccuped at the sound of Asmat’s voice. The tiny, freckled blonde had made a habit of following the older, more mature Arab woman around. Originally Asmat had found it a bit annoying, but if she was this child’s saving grace in this situation, she wouldn’t deny that hope to her.
“It’s going be okay,” Asmat said in a hushed voice, not even believing her own words. She was still not entirely sure what h
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 1 0
The Good Girl's Box
Most know the story of Pandora and her box, how she doomed the world by opening the cursed gift from the gods.
But I was different. When I opened my box, people would praise me for a job well done. For you see, I myself obtained a mystical box, and once opened, it would grant me any wish I asked of it. The box was exclusive to me and me alone, rendering it useless to anyone else who opened it.
I was known as a selfless girl who never used the box for her own personal desires, and everyone loved me for it.
The first time I used the box was when I was seven. My mother was pregnant with the twins, and her cravings were something fierce.
“I wish mommy had all the dumplings she wanted.”
My father was amazed by how easily I used the box, and impressed that it took to me so quickly. My mother was grateful.
A few months later, I made another wish for my new brother and sister.
“I wish their crib was a teeny bit bigger.”
Both of my parents were happy, as the crib was now
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 7 3
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The Bell's Toll
I wasn't quite sure how one sound could be so infuriating.
The bell had chimed before, twice a day when the clock struck twelve, however now the clock appeared to be mocking me as it welcomed a new day. I was never particularly fond of the bell's toll before, but now it was simply an insult. He—the man who I was expected to love but never could—turned to me and asked if I would leave with him, from this place.
Oh, if only I was not a lady; his voice was nearly as aggravating as that cursed bell. I politely declined, and he glanced at the rectangular shape of dirt, sighing as he always did.
His frail, almost skeletal hands found their way to his coat's pockets, and he turned to me, looking at me with disappointment as if I were some spoiled child. He always had to say the last word—“Then I suppose I shall see you tomorrow, you stained woman.”—before disappearing and finally leaving me at peace to watch over the plot where his body lay as the twelfth c
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 4 0
Support (for Jaiden Animations) by TheMagnificentMorado Support (for Jaiden Animations) :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 11 4
Whoops We're In Austria!
It might have not been a place where she felt like she belonged, but that was why Black liked it so much.
She found it difficult to keep her mouth shut and look anything but amazed. “Look like you've been in places like this a thousand times,” Wacky had told her. But how was she supposed to do that? She was in a freaking ballroom!
Black let her eyes wander while Wacky spoke to a flirty man in German. The short martial artist didn’t know any German herself (or any language outside of English, really) but she could tell from Wacky’s body language that she was genuinely enjoying the attention.
The ballroom was, as Wacky put it, “Your standard Austrian ballroom.” Its walls were painted a golden yellow, there were indentations in the walls to fit three large windows each, and overhead was a grand chandelier made out of crystals.
Black just barely heard Wacky say “Adriene,” and she turned to face the man with her. Adriene was the name Wacky cho
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 1 0
Wacky and Black-Whoops We're In Dresses! by TheMagnificentMorado Wacky and Black-Whoops We're In Dresses! :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 10 0 30,000 Pageviews-Thank You! by TheMagnificentMorado 30,000 Pageviews-Thank You! :iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 5 1


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

A few days ago I made a journal entry in which I casually mentioned how I don't tend to talk about political things on this site, as it is somewhat of an escape for me. I wrote that journal mere hours before I heard about what happened in Charlottesville. As a minority and an ally, the past several days I've had this anger and sadness grow inside me as I debated talking about it here. I've talked about it on my other social media accounts (which I've purposefully never disclosed on dA), but surely, as an artist, as a WRITER, I should say something about it, right?


What exactly would I--would YOU--accomplish from me writing a furious rant about white nationalism and what the current US president should or shouldn't have done? What would either of us have to gain from dealing with another person talking about how disgusted she is with what happened? 

So instead, I'm taking this energy of mine to do something else. Something to defeat those emotions that hate groups want to instill in me. Something that shows that there's still hope in this world. Something that proves that taking steps backwards isn't the only option. Let me tell you a few stories.
The year was 2014. I was a sophomore in high school and the period was World History. As intrigued as I was with the class, it wasn't my strongest subject, as the teacher liked to just regurgitate what was written in our textbook without much explaining. She wasn't the nicest teacher, but she wasn't exactly mean either. 
I was sitting next to one of my friends, and unsurprisingly, we occasionally chattered during class and shared notes. But we were both silent on the day our teacher casually finished her lecture--on the Renaissance, if I remember correctly--and spoke about the essay we were to write. Of course we were going to write about that time period, right? 
Not according to this teacher. She passed out instructions and then proceeded to tell us that since we had been hearing about the Renaissance in some essence for years, she was going to make us do something the regulations had "forgotten" to add to the list of cultures in world history.
The assignment? Use class time to research African empires over the course of a week, then write an essay about the achievements about three of them. This teacher refused to let our world history only extend to Europe and North America. She would then proceed to teach us about Central and South American cultures in reference to what we were learning for the rest of the year.
Only a few months after this event, I saw a friend--the same one I sat next to in World History--being confronted by someone that wasn't a friend of hers, but was friendly towards her. They were asking my friend what she felt about the fact that one of her closest friends was gay. I immediately understood why this was asked, and why so many people in the hall had slowed their steps to hear her answer. Her friend, a mutual friend of mine, had recently come out, and the confronted friend had a reputation as the School Conservative and had recently admitted to being Catholic. She had admitted to me her political views not too long before this encounter, aware that my views are very different from hers. 
But the average person in our mostly liberal school didn't know what I knew about her: she was what both she and I had dubbed a "real Conservative," in reference to what being Conservative used to mean. Instead of being against change, this friend desires a small government, collective liberty, and, well, conserving America's basic values. Our classmates didn't know how much she despises extreme nationalism, and how she had tried to at least understand, on some level, what minorities were going through.
She looked at the person who had asked her about her opinion, then she shrugged, saying "It's none of my business." She then had a protective look in her eyes, and then she proceeded to warn this person, who had been known to not make the most sensitive comments, that if they ever called a gay individual the f-word in her presence, she would proceed to attack with her fists. I found this somewhat funny, as she occasionally said things that weren't too socially acceptable, like this physical threat on school grounds, but I also felt relieved. She then spotted me and she left that spot so we could walk to the cafeteria together.
This past Sunday, my family was at Church. Our pastor, who had just finished congratulating me and another church member for becoming adults and going off to college soon, began to read the announcements and thank the two musicians who had come last minute. One of these musicians, the pianist, was our pastor's daughter, and as any proud father would do, he spend a good portion of the announcements simply bragging about his daughter and how talented she was, much to the horror and embarrassment of said daughter. He spoke of how she had always been drawn to music, like the rest of the family, and how happy he was. 
During the summer, services are held outside, so several people were helping stack the chairs used. While my father and I helped stack them, a woman who had been part of the service for just under a year spoke to us, and the conversation turned to the daughter. She commented on how she compared my height to hers, commenting on how we were both tall women. "But not nearly as tall as her!" she exclaimed. She then continued to talk about how interesting it was that a woman, the daughter, could grow to be so tall, standing around six feet. When she walked away, my father and I had to stifle our laughter, as we realized that she didn't know what the rest of the Church did.
The daughter is a transgender female who had come out a year ago.
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Maia Bankhead
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I'm pretty much a quiet girl with an uncontrollable love for YouTube, music, anime, and comics. I'm also addicted to drawing and writing. Throughout my life art has always been with me and has been my passion. Though I'm no professional and I'm still learning, I love it.

I'm always ready for art requests! Just...nothing that would have to be put under nudity and/or sexual scenes.


Kokichi Ouma
"Nishishi...can you believe what I say? Who knows? I'm a liar, after all."

I have no idea how this turned out like this. I was just like, "Oh, I'll just draw one of my favorite characters from Danganronpa V3!" and it somehow turned into a somewhat spooky digital drawing with symbolism.

I love/hate this S.O.B. He's a bastard but he's adorable, terrifying, and makes everything interesting for better or for worse. With Danganronpa V3 out and NicoB having started his Let's Play, everything is right with the world.
I actually got impatient waiting for it a month or two ago and I, someone who hasn't owned a console in her life and prefers LPs anyway, straight up watched someone's Let's Play, and she and her friend verbally translated while playing the whole thing. I'm actually not done watching; I'm writing this while watching the final Class Trial. (My reaction so far: What the FUUUUUUUUUU-----)

Anyway, if you're into questions about morality and/or Battle Royale, you'd love the Danganronpa franchise. Just don't watch Danganronpa: The Animation and you'll be good.

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